Returning to Work After Retirement: Interview Tips

If you’ve decided to go back to work after retiring, you are not alone. The number of working seniors has more than doubled since the 1990’s. It may feel difficult to get back in the game, especially if you are changing careers. If you are anxious going into the interview process, don’t worry. Just brush up on a few of your skills with these tips. Remember to focus on your experience and be confident. A new, fulfilling job is just around the corner.
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4 Tips for Preparing for Retirement

After year of hand work, retirement is a good reward. It’s something everyone looks forward to: a chance to relax, pursue hobbies you’ve never found time for, or travel. Retirement isn’t the end, but rather the beginning of a new chapter. But how do you adequately prepare for this new season of life?

We’ve gathered some practical retirement strategies from retirement life coaches and other experts to help you on your journey.
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Holistic Medicine 101: Body and Mind Health For Older Adults

Holistic medicine practitioners believe that all parts of you work together: mind, body, and even spirit. If one part if not well, it can impact the other parts as well. The goal of all types of holistic medicine is to consider not just your body, but also your mind in your treatment plan.

In the past, holistic medicine was considered to be unreliable, but evidence for its efficacy is growing. From the increasing confirmation of the importance of nutrition, to the proven connection between stress and disease, the benefits of holistic medicine treatments are being viewed with new legitimacy. These treatments are gaining in popularity, including among older adults. Could one of these help you?
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Not Too Late to Love: Financial Tips for Marriage Later in Life

Congratulations! You’ve found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Your family has met your significant other and they couldn’t be happier for you! The two of you have bit the bullet and decided to get hitched. Wedding bells are in your near future.  

But how do you have the hard conversations about finances? Hopefully you’ve already begun the conversation, but you need a little guidance. Should you combine accounts, or keep them separate? How do you go about dealing with your will? These are tough questions in your new relationship, but we’ve got some love experts here to help guide you down the right path so you can focus on what really matters: time with your loved one!

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How to Protect Your Healthcare Identity and Security

The motive behind stealing your credit card information is easy to understand, but why would someone want your medical information? Criminals can use your identity and insurance to obtain treatment and medications, often at numerous locations. In addition to being charged for services you did not receive, this activity is recorded in your medical records, creating confusion for providers and caretakers. Having to prove that you did not get the care in question is complicated for the victims, and they may end up paying incorrect bills.

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Savvy Safety: An Insider’s Guide to Scams Targeting Seniors

Scams have been around as long as humans have had goods and currency to trade. From literal snake-oil salesmen on the American frontier, to worldwide Ponzi schemes, a few bad people will always be willing to try to get something for nothing. Scams have evolved through history as our way of life has changed, and in 2015 criminals employ a mix of new and old methods.

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