Baby Boomer teaching young man

Baby Boomers & Business: The Importance of Knowledge Transfer

As the workforce ages, a whole generation of postwar American gumption and know-how threatens to fade into the mists of history. But a younger, higher-tech wave of workers stands ready to learn and improve upon the lessons the baby boomers have to teach.

We talked to some top professionals about how to capture and transfer boomers’ critical skills to the next generation. Some of their answers were surprising.

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couple shopping

How Baby Boomers Are Re-Entering the Workforce

For many, a retirement spent lounging on Florida’s beaches isn’t realistic. Even if it is realistic, some wonder how long it’ll take before those lovely lazy days become tedious. Whether it’s out of financial necessity or tiring of the same old 9-hole course, many baby boomers who are at, or nearing, retirement are gearing up to head straight back to work.

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Penguins to Palm Trees: Travel Tips and Destinations for Retirees

What are the people, places, and things you want to encounter during your lifetime? Everyone’s “Bucket List” for life is different, but for most people, travel is included. As life goes on, it may be time to take action and start crossing items off of your own personal list. Experiencing other locations can give us deep insight into both the larger world and our own smaller lives.

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Florida after 50: Having Fun in the Sunshine State

When a Florida vacation is mentioned, what usually comes to mind are shores with sandcastles, tropical hotels, and jaunty theme parks. While Florida does offer amazing parks, resorts, and beaches, there are many more diversions to be found, often that cater to an older and more-refined clientele. Whether you are looking for authentic Cafe Cubano, or creating your own zen retreat, Florida offers many leisure activities for older adults. Continue reading

Age Gracefully with Exercise

Good health is easy to take for granted when you have it. When you don’t, all aspects of your life can be downright tough, both mentally and physically. Staying healthy is crucial to a person’s overall well-being, and there are steps you can take to attain fitness, regardless of age.

Finding balance between the mind, body and soul is integral to a person’s happiness. Life changes older adults undergo are many, from retiring or changing jobs, to children moving away, to a different physical appearance. Exercise is crucial to achieving and maintaining good mental and physical health, but many older adults simply don’t get enough. Continue reading

Easing, not Plunging, into Retirement

You mastered your career. You raised your family. Retirement, that chunk of life set aside to do what you want, when you want is just around the corner. For so long you envisioned it as the finish line, but the truth is that retirement marks the start of a whole new life, one where your old routines won’t apply.

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Finance After 50: Three Retirement Questions Only You Can Answer

By the age of 50, most people are feeling the effects of a lifetime of hard work and are looking forward to their vision of retirement. Whether yours includes quiet mornings spent fishing, world travel, or some other picture of serenity, the decisions you make and the plans you lay from the age of 50 forward are critical to achieving the retirement you want.

We talked with thought leaders in the financial field to get their take on the most important questions people over 50 face, and how you can set yourself up for retirement success.

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Healthier Eating Leads to Better Living

Regardless of age, the need for nutrition never goes away

  • It’s too much trouble to cook for myself. I’m just not hungry.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables go bad before I can eat them.
  • My favorite dishes just don’t taste the same.

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