Holistic Medicine 101: Body and Mind Health For Older Adults

Holistic medicine practitioners believe that all parts of you work together: mind, body, and even spirit. If one part if not well, it can impact the other parts as well. The goal of all types of holistic medicine is to consider not just your body, but also your mind in your treatment plan.

In the past, holistic medicine was considered to be unreliable, but evidence for its efficacy is growing. From the increasing confirmation of the importance of nutrition, to the proven connection between stress and disease, the benefits of holistic medicine treatments are being viewed with new legitimacy. These treatments are gaining in popularity, including among older adults. Could one of these help you?
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How to Protect Your Healthcare Identity and Security

The motive behind stealing your credit card information is easy to understand, but why would someone want your medical information? Criminals can use your identity and insurance to obtain treatment and medications, often at numerous locations. In addition to being charged for services you did not receive, this activity is recorded in your medical records, creating confusion for providers and caretakers. Having to prove that you did not get the care in question is complicated for the victims, and they may end up paying incorrect bills.

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Your Home is Your Fortress: 5 Steps to Safety

Your house should be a place for you to escape from your job and the hardships of the world outside. Unfortunately, your home can be a dangerous place if you’re unprepared. Many people think that a solid door and some good locks are enough to keep their family safe, but most of the dangers in the home are far less insidious than a masked man looking to grab your valuables.  Continue reading

Age Gracefully with Exercise

Good health is easy to take for granted when you have it. When you don’t, all aspects of your life can be downright tough, both mentally and physically. Staying healthy is crucial to a person’s overall well-being, and there are steps you can take to attain fitness, regardless of age.

Finding balance between the mind, body and soul is integral to a person’s happiness. Life changes older adults undergo are many, from retiring or changing jobs, to children moving away, to a different physical appearance. Exercise is crucial to achieving and maintaining good mental and physical health, but many older adults simply don’t get enough. Continue reading

Healthier Eating Leads to Better Living

Regardless of age, the need for nutrition never goes away

  • It’s too much trouble to cook for myself. I’m just not hungry.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables go bad before I can eat them.
  • My favorite dishes just don’t taste the same.

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Elderly Parent Care Requires Compassion and Patience

Decades ago, it was a comforting, loving feeling to know mom and/or dad provided for our basic physical and emotional needs. Cooking a favorite meal, supplying comfort when life seemed difficult, offering guidance when choices were confusing, and even doling out chores that simply needed to be done. Now, more and more adult children find themselves reversing roles as they face the challenges of caring for aging parents.

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