Not Too Late to Love: Financial Tips for Marriage Later in Life

Congratulations! You’ve found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Your family has met your significant other and they couldn’t be happier for you! The two of you have bit the bullet and decided to get hitched. Wedding bells are in your near future.  

But how do you have the hard conversations about finances? Hopefully you’ve already begun the conversation, but you need a little guidance. Should you combine accounts, or keep them separate? How do you go about dealing with your will? These are tough questions in your new relationship, but we’ve got some love experts here to help guide you down the right path so you can focus on what really matters: time with your loved one!

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Savvy Safety: An Insider’s Guide to Scams Targeting Seniors

Scams have been around as long as humans have had goods and currency to trade. From literal snake-oil salesmen on the American frontier, to worldwide Ponzi schemes, a few bad people will always be willing to try to get something for nothing. Scams have evolved through history as our way of life has changed, and in 2015 criminals employ a mix of new and old methods.

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Baby Boomer teaching young man

Baby Boomers & Business: The Importance of Knowledge Transfer

As the workforce ages, a whole generation of postwar American gumption and know-how threatens to fade into the mists of history. But a younger, higher-tech wave of workers stands ready to learn and improve upon the lessons the baby boomers have to teach.

We talked to some top professionals about how to capture and transfer boomers’ critical skills to the next generation. Some of their answers were surprising.

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How Baby Boomers Are Re-Entering the Workforce

For many, a retirement spent lounging on Florida’s beaches isn’t realistic. Even if it is realistic, some wonder how long it’ll take before those lovely lazy days become tedious. Whether it’s out of financial necessity or tiring of the same old 9-hole course, many baby boomers who are at, or nearing, retirement are gearing up to head straight back to work.

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Penguins to Palm Trees: Travel Tips and Destinations for Retirees

What are the people, places, and things you want to encounter during your lifetime? Everyone’s “Bucket List” for life is different, but for most people, travel is included. As life goes on, it may be time to take action and start crossing items off of your own personal list. Experiencing other locations can give us deep insight into both the larger world and our own smaller lives.

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Florida after 50: Having Fun in the Sunshine State

When a Florida vacation is mentioned, what usually comes to mind are shores with sandcastles, tropical hotels, and jaunty theme parks. While Florida does offer amazing parks, resorts, and beaches, there are many more diversions to be found, often that cater to an older and more-refined clientele. Whether you are looking for authentic Cafe Cubano, or creating your own zen retreat, Florida offers many leisure activities for older adults. Continue reading

Social Media Tips for Seniors

Seniors are one of the fastest growing groups on social media (websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin). They are realizing that social media can be a great tool for staying in contact with family and friends, sharing photos, and sharing their ideas. If you are a senior who has been debating whether or not to start using social media, never say never. Continue reading