Tips for single seniors

Striving for that Sunset Romance: Tips for Single Seniors

Dating in your senior years can seem, at first blush, silly or even awkward. If you are widowed or divorced, though, there’s no reason why your age should keep you from kindling a new romance and finding someone to share your sunset years with.

If you’re thinking about it, though, you may not know where to start. We talked with six dating and relationship counselors to get their tips and advice especially for seniors re-entering the dating scene.

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Making Space: 5 Tips for Separating Trash from Treasure

Accumulating things is just something that comes with age. If we’re lucky it’s wealth instead of just aches and pains. But one thing we are destined to accumulate is stuff — lots of stuff. We gather so much stuff over the course of our lives, that often our golden years are spent tripping over it. Many of these things are valuable, useful, or even beautiful, but probably an even greater amount would be more at home in the landfill.

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Age Gracefully with Exercise

Good health is easy to take for granted when you have it. When you don’t, all aspects of your life can be downright tough, both mentally and physically. Staying healthy is crucial to a person’s overall well-being, and there are steps you can take to attain fitness, regardless of age.

Finding balance between the mind, body and soul is integral to a person’s happiness. Life changes older adults undergo are many, from retiring or changing jobs, to children moving away, to a different physical appearance. Exercise is crucial to achieving and maintaining good mental and physical health, but many older adults simply don’t get enough. Continue reading

Finance After 50: Three Retirement Questions Only You Can Answer

By the age of 50, most people are feeling the effects of a lifetime of hard work and are looking forward to their vision of retirement. Whether yours includes quiet mornings spent fishing, world travel, or some other picture of serenity, the decisions you make and the plans you lay from the age of 50 forward are critical to achieving the retirement you want.

We talked with thought leaders in the financial field to get their take on the most important questions people over 50 face, and how you can set yourself up for retirement success.

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Healthier Eating Leads to Better Living

Regardless of age, the need for nutrition never goes away

  • It’s too much trouble to cook for myself. I’m just not hungry.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables go bad before I can eat them.
  • My favorite dishes just don’t taste the same.

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Loving the Links: Golfers Find Peace and Patience on the Green

No one really knows when or where the game of golf first began. Surely its roots could stem from a person swinging a stick toward a rounded, grounded object to propel it forward. Although the origins of golf are somewhat unclear, many historians agree that modern golf came into existence in Scotland during the fifteenth century. Players of this new diversion quickly became so obsessed Continue reading

Groceries! Our 9 Simple Steps to Stretch Your Savings

The grocery budget. Most of us have one, and it’s probably safe to say that all of us wish we could stretch it out, especially if you’re on a limited income like social security benefits and/or the proceeds of a reverse mortgage. After all, who doesn’t want more when it comes to groceries? The good news is that there are simple ways, and a few actions, that you can take to extend your grocery budget. Try a few of these suggestions!

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