Penguins to Palm Trees: Travel Tips and Destinations for Retirees

What are the people, places, and things you want to encounter during your lifetime? Everyone’s “Bucket List” for life is different, but for most people, travel is included. As life goes on, it may be time to take action and start crossing items off of your own personal list. Experiencing other locations can give us deep insight into both the larger world and our own smaller lives.

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Florida after 50: Having Fun in the Sunshine State

When a Florida vacation is mentioned, what usually comes to mind are shores with sandcastles, tropical hotels, and jaunty theme parks. While Florida does offer amazing parks, resorts, and beaches, there are many more diversions to be found, often that cater to an older and more-refined clientele. Whether you are looking for authentic Cafe Cubano, or creating your own zen retreat, Florida offers many leisure activities for older adults. Continue reading

Travel Ideas for Georgia: Like a Box of Chocolates

Georgia may be one of the most naturally beautiful states in America, which may explain why it’s such a favorite travel destination for so many people. There’s an incredible amount of places to go and restaurants to try while you’re in the state, but if you want to experience the true heart of Georgia Continue reading

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In this space, we’ll attempt to explain some of the intricacies of the reverse mortgage and keep you up to date with what his happening in this small part of the mortgage world.  We’ll also discuss some general topics that are focused on aging, health, travel, etc. that you might find useful in your day to day life.

Our goal is to educate our readers about reverse mortgages so that they can make well-informed decisions when considering a reverse mortgage. We love feedback, so we encourage you to share your thoughts on our posts or other matters.  If you have a reverse mortgage topic that you would like to see discussed, please contact us.

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