Groceries! Our 9 Simple Steps to Stretch Your Savings


The grocery budget. Most of us have one, and it’s probably safe to say that all of us wish we could stretch it out, especially if you’re on a limited income like social security benefits and/or the proceeds of a reverse mortgage. After all, who doesn’t want more when it comes to groceries? The good news is that there are simple ways, and a few actions, that you can take to extend your grocery budget. Try a few of these suggestions!

Some Simple Tricks to Save

Smiling middle aged African American couple comparing produce in grocery store.1. Eat Out Less – One of the easiest ways you can extend your grocery budget is by eating out less. Choose to cook at home more, and watch your grocery budget rise. You can still have a tasty dish, just choose to cook it on your own.

2. Make a Grocery List – Try making a grocery list before you go shopping. Write down what you need, and try to stick to the list. By pre-planning, you are eliminating last minute buys, and often, the last minute buys are what quickly take away from our grocery budgets.

3. Shop When You’re Full – When we’re hungry, we want to purchase more. Before you go shopping, make sure that you’re not hungry.

4. Leftovers – They aren’t that bad! Plus, you can always try a leftover makeover. See what other dishes you can create with the leftovers you have.

5. Buy in Bulk – Buying in bulk is cheaper. If you know you use a lot of an item or food, try to buy it in bulk. If it can be frozen, use what you need at the time, and freeze the rest.

6. A Healthy Portion – Look at what the suggested serving is, and try to follow it. By sticking to a specific portion size, you will be able to make the food last longer, and you won’t over eat.

7. Less Cake, More Fruit – Instead of eating cakes and cookies, give fruit a try. Not only is fruit cheaper than the sweets, but you’ll also get the same sweet flavor.

8. List-Only Couponing – Use your coupons, but only use coupons for items that are on your grocery list. This way, you won’t purchase items that you didn’t plan on buying (even if you’re getting a discount on them).

9. Store Wisely – Pay careful attention to storing items in the conditions required for them. Don’t let your food spoil early, as this can easily waste your money.

10. Grow Your Own – If you are able to, give growing your own fruits and veggies a try. Not only will it give you some outdoor time, but it will also add to your budget!

Putting It All Together

By utilizing these simple tips, you can easily add money and extend your grocery budget. You don’t have to do each tip, but even simply trying a few will add up over time. So before you go grocery shopping next time: make sure you’re shopping on a full stomach, have a list written out, and remember to bring your coupons! You’ll save money and improve your quality of life at the same time.


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