Not Too Late to Love: Dating in Your Golden Years


Love isn’t just for the young. More people than ever are finding romantic success later in life. Thanks to online dating, it’s easy to meet others that share your interests and passions. In fact, individuals over 60 are the fastest growing demographic on dating sites.

Still, it can be a little intimidating. Maybe it’s been years since you played the dating game, and you are worried you won’t know how to get back into the groove. Perhaps you’re worried about your finances or what your children will think. Or you might just not feel ready yet. Whatever the concern, these dating experts will help put you at ease by exploring the ins and outs of finding love in your golden years.

Go Online

Damona HoffmanDamona Hoffman is a professional dating coach, author, speaker and TV personality. Damona loves to help people find their perfect match online by showing them how to create the best personal profile and gain confidence in their dating life. Damona has appeared on Fox, CBS and NBC, and just released her first book Spin Your Web: How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating.

Damona met her husband online in 2003, and she believes online dating can work for everyone, no matter their age.

Internet dating is right for everyone. It is the easiest way to connect in the modern world and expand your social circle which becomes increasingly harder as we grow older.

Damona has seen people at all stages in life find happiness through choosing to open themselves up and date.

It’s never too late for love. I’ve had clients in their 60s, 70s, and 80s who seek out my services because they crave companionship or have found themselves single again after many decades. Dating is a skill and if you’re out of practice you might need some assistance to regain your confidence but it is never too late to find love.

Dating is like riding a bicycle. Even after years of not riding, you never lose the skill, you just have to jump back on and give it a go!

Connect Off Screen

Stephanie-McKenzieRenowned love expert
Stephanie D. McKenzie is passionate about changing lives through helping people in their relationships. Stephanie is a certified coach, author and radio host who has dispensed her advice on eHarmony, Shape Magazine,  Women’s Day and more!

Stephanie suggests asking the hard questions to make sure the person is who they say they are in their profile.

One serious red flag is when an online connection does not move into a phone conversation after continuously messaging or texting. While texting is a love language for some, people who do not avail themselves to talk are usually hiding something.

Remembering that getting to know someone from the internet, requires the same effort and intention that meeting someone IRL (In Real Life) requires, and this effort and intention is the key to successful online relationships, that develop into something amazing offline!

Sometimes the connection doesn’t move from online to real life, don’t stress about it, if you learned from the experience you haven’t lost anything. There are other fish in the sea.

Meeting the Family

Samantha Daniels bio photo CollisionSamantha Daniels is considered one of the best Celebrity Matchmakers. She has appeared all over TV and has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, and People Magazine. Samantha was also a producer on the 2003 show Miss Match where Alicia Silverstone played a character based on Samantha’s life. Samantha is founder of The Dating Lounge, an App catering to sophisticated professionals.

Nervous about the first family introduction? Samantha has some tips:

Keep in mind that your children are now adults so contrary to what you might think, they will probably be very happy that you are dating and have someone in your life.

Samantha recommends keeping it simple:

I think the best way to go about introducing your kids to your new beau is to tell them first about how happy and excited you are and then suggest a low-pressure dinner or lunch for everyone to meet. If you love this new person in your life, I am betting your kids will like him or her as well.

Don’t worry about your offspring connecting with your new flame right away, just keep it light and drama-free. Above all else your kids want you to be happy, and if you are it will show.

Can’t Buy Me Love

Maria AvgitidisMaria Avgitidis is a successful relationship expert, with over 7 years of experience and the legacy of being a 4th generation matchmaker! She has been featured on CNN, Esquire and more.  Maria is currently the head matchmaker of Agapematch, which was rated best dating site in New York City by CBS News.

Maria talks with us about the what to do about finances once you are in a serious relationship:

I suppose it depends on the status of the relationship, but I would keep finances separate, or have a joint account that someone could add a percentage  to each month, while still maintaining a separate bank account.

Regarding rewriting wills, I would find an amazing lawyer that you can trust who will be able to give you much more sound advice – but theoretically speaking, perhaps maintain the same will, but supplement a percentage of additional assets to your new companion.

A good lawyer is important to have! They can walk you are your partner through the steps to take to secure your finances.

Going To the Chapel

Bobbi PalmerBobbi Palmer, founder of Date Like A Grownup, loves to help women over 40 with their own fabulous love story. A first time bride at 47, Bobbi shares from her experiences as well decades of teaching, mentoring and managing others. Bobbi has contributed to publications like the Huffington Post, and eHarmony.

Bobbi knows from experience that falling in love later in life can be amazing:

This can be the very best time to find love. You have the interpersonal skills, life experience and self-awareness to make good choices and be a terrific partner for the right person. Don’t opt-out of this glorious part of life!

But how do you know when it’s right to say “I do?” Bobbi has this advice:

After coaching boomers and seniors for many years, I have learned that the decision to marry is very personal. There are financial and logistical considerations, of course, and you want to know that you love each other and can share a lifestyle. But pragmatism aside, you have many decades of life experience. If you communicate well, have discussed the pros and cons and marriage is clearly what you both want, then it’s the right time.

Trust yourself and your partner. You will know when it’s just right.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Don’t waste a moment being lonely. If you are ready to find love, go for it! Find a partner that will add to your already full life and bring some excitement and joy. If you want to ease your mind about your finances, contact a representative from Premier Reverse Mortgage today.


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