Realtor and Builder Interactive Map

Why Look For A Realtor Or Builder Here?

We don’t have any financial arrangements with any of the realtors and builders we list here. What we can tell you is that we have personally educated every individual listed and made them aware of the details of using a reverse mortgage to purchase a home.

These are all professionals that have an interest in working with customers that are going to use a HECM for purchase loan. They know how to structure the contract in a way that works best for this unique loan product and are sensitive to the issues involved.

We welcome your feedback, positive or negative, on your experience with them.

Are You a Realtor or Builder Who Wants To Be Listed?

Contact us today to schedule a 30-45 minute call to review our materials and get up to speed on how a reverse mortgage purchase loan differs from conventional loans. We believe that we can help you sell more homes by being listed here.