Premier Reverse Mortgage: Reviews and Testimonials

Best Reverse Mortgage Broker

Premier Reverse Mortgage is a reputable Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) approved broker. With extensive experience in the industry, you are guaranteed to get excellent reverse mortgage advice. At Premier Reverse Mortgage, our sole focus is reverse mortgages. We have handled virtually every common scenario and are ready to assist you with your loan.

  • Experience. During the past decade, the reverse mortgage industry has grown exponentially. You’ll be hard pressed to find an company with as much experience as Premier Reverse Mortgage. Our clients appreciate the fact that we have handled so many cases and are not phased by the scenarios that they present, even when they are complex.
  • Integrity. Premier Reverse Mortgage belongs to the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders’ Association (NRMLA), which means that we adhere to their code of conduct and professional standards. While our clients are not familiar with the inner workings of the NRMLA, they do recognize the level of professionalism that we bring to reverse mortgage proceedings.
  • Tailored service. Many companies take a “one size fits all” approach to reverse mortgages. At Premier Reverse Mortgage, we take a personal approach and get to know all of our clients on an individual basis. We use your specific situation to make a recommendation about the best reverse mortgage option for you. Clients know that we make their well being our top priority and that we do everything that we can to save them time and money.

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