Speak With a Qualified Reverse Mortgage Specialist


Have you been reluctant to research alternative mortgage options because of your credit score or the current state of your finances? A reverse mortgage does not have the rigid requirements that are common for many home equity loans and lines of credit and second mortgages. Instead of making monthly principal and interest payments, you receive payments in the form that you choose (i.e. lump sum, term, tenure) until the loan is due. At Premier Reverse Mortgage, all of our clients get professional assistance from our specialists throughout the entire process.

Work with an Experienced Professional

Premier Reverse Mortgage is a member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders’ Association (NRMLA). As such, we are responsible for upholding their standards and code of conduct. All of our mortgage specialists are fully licensed and work exclusively with reverse mortgages. They have handled a wide range of mortgage scenarios and are prepared for anything and everything that comes through the door, regardless of the complexity of the situation. We get to know all of our clients on an individual basis so that we can provide personalized service. You work with a sole adviser from the origination to the closing of the loan to reduce the risk of confusion or miscommunication.

How Does Counseling Fit into the Reverse Mortgage Timeline?

The biggest factor for the reverse mortgage time frame is whether or not you complete reverse mortgage counseling before you begin the application process. If you go through counseling ahead of time, you can close in three or four weeks. If you start the application prior to counseling, the process can take as long as five or six weeks. Once you have started applying, an adviser will have you sign the application and provide basic documentation before moving onto counseling.  Keep in mind the counseling is provided by an independent, HUD-approved agency and in certain states is required before you apply.

We Recommend Reputable Reverse Mortgage Counselors

A red flag should go up any time a reverse mortgage company pushes you into using a specific counselor. Scam mortgage companies often have connections to other con artists in the area and try to get their clients to use them. While there is nothing wrong with getting suggestions from your adviser, it should be clear that the adviser does not gain anything from you choosing one counselor over another one. We provide a list of national counseling agencies as well as resources for finding a local counseling agency if you prefer to complete the counseling in person.

A reverse mortgage is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. It may seem like easy money, but there are a lot of factors to consider. You want to make sure that you are working with a reputable company that is invested in your well being, and as such, will help you get the reverse mortgage that is right for you. Our seasoned advisers have years of experience with reverse mortgages and have encountered every common scenario. They are fully prepared to explain the process of reverse mortgage counseling and assist you with finding a licensed counselor. Give us a call today to start exploring your options.