Travel Ideas for Georgia: Like a Box of Chocolates


Georgia may be one of the most naturally beautiful states in America, which may explain why it’s such a favorite travel destination for so many people. There’s an incredible amount of places to go and restaurants to try while you’re in the state, but if you want to experience the true heart of Georgia you’ll have to stray from the beaten path and try these little known attractions.

Helen_GeorgiaHelen, Georgia

Helen is a picturesque little town about two hours from Atlanta, but it is well worth the drive. With its beautiful cobblestone streets, Swiss style buildings, and gorgeous landscape, it is a town that everyone that travels to Georgia should see. While you’re there you should enjoy the lovely downtown area, that has fantastic antique shops and restaurants (check out the Bodensee restaurant for wonderful German food). If you’re feeling adventurous
while in town you can also go tubing down the Chattahoochee River. To have the best time in Helen, make sure to stop by during October for their amazing Oktoberfest celebration to have some great beer and food.

TheVarsityAtlantaThe Varsity

Many want to choose places that showcase the local food that destination is best known for. The Varsity is that restaurant while you’re traveling in Georgia. Located in Atlanta, it’s the world’s largest drive-in , but it’s not just a tourist attraction. It’s also a favorite place to eat for locals because of their unbelievable food and great prices. Order up a chili dog, some onion rings, and a frosted orange, then sit back and enjoy the classic atmosphere.

Cumberland Island

What are the best parts of a vacation? It could be the adventure of traveling somewhere new. For some people, it’s witnessing breathtaking sights. For others, the best part is lying around on a beach and finally relaxing a little. Cumberland Island is perhaps the best travel destination in Georgia because anyone can easily accomplish all three of these on the same day. The island hosts pristine beaches, ruins, wild horses, and a landscape untouched by cars or chain restaurants. The ferry ride to the island offers some of the best views in Georgia, and is relatively short. While you’re there, buy yourself a box of chocolates and go to the beach to sit in the same spot that Tom Hanks did during Forrest Gump, then wander around the island and wonder…

What Are You Going to Get Next?

Atlanta is a great city that has a lot to offer for anyone. Stay there for a few days and drink it in, but get out and see the rest of what this gorgeous state has to offer. The reward for travelling to these unique locations will be worth far more than the effort it took to get there. Go out, explore, and challenge yourself.


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