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Made Easier

It is time to take care of yourself. Learn how a reverse mortgage can leverage your home to make retirement more comfortable.


Made Easier

It is time to take care of yourself. Learn how a reverse mortgage can leverage your home to make retirement more comfortable.

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

Get the facts

A reverse mortgage is a first mortgage loan that can be used to pay off an existing mortgage, get cash out, or set up a line of credit for future draws.


The main differentiator between it and a regular mortgage is that no principal or interest payment is required while you live in the home and stay current on the property charges.

PRM has the full suite of reverse mortgage products available including several proprietary loan options.

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The most common type of reverse mortgage that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration.
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Private or jumbo reverse mortgages that are not government-insured but are still non-recourse.

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The use of a reverse mortgage to help acquire a property vs. the standard refinance.

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How To Qualify For The Loan

A common misconception is that reverse mortgages don’t require any credit or income standards. There are age, property type, equity, credit, and income requirements.

The Premier Reverse Mortgage Blog

Learn more about how reverse mortgages work.

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Have Questions?

Check out our responses to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and give us a call, chat us, or shoot us an email if you would like to get answers to your own questions.

Premier Reverse Mortgage Customer Reviews

At Premier Reverse Mortgage, our sole focus is reverse mortgages. We have handled virtually every scenario imaginable and are ready to assist you with your loan. Please read some actual customer reviews below.
Doug HassingerDoug Hassinger
19:29 02 Nov 22
I recently worked with Matt Neumeyer and Jeff Hancock. As a family law attorney (read: Divorce Lawyer), I work with clients in unique positions and regularly need the assistance of qualified, experienced, and creative professionals. Matt and Jeff are knowledgeable, professional, and (most important in this case) patient. They kept me informed and ahead of the game each step of the way. I put my own reputation on the line when I recommend professionals, and have NO issue with recommending PRM again. Many thanks to the entire team.
Mike WarrenMike Warren
21:45 12 Sep 22
Jeff at PRM is just about the most knowledgeable mortgage professional I have had the pleasure to work with. We depended on him for clear, dumbed down answers for our concerns and questions, his help through the reverse mortgage process made this complex loan and the decisions a lot easier. I rarely give a 5 star rating because I think there’s always room for improvement but in this case, with what’s at stake, a prefect score is a must to get my rating. I feel confidant that Matt and Jeff will do the same for anyone needing their service.
Karen HuguleyKaren Huguley
18:01 18 Aug 22
Going through the mortgage process is never fun, but the folks at Premier provided much-needed guidance through it. We tried one other rev. mortgage co., but chose Premier based on its lower origination points, higher payout, and generally better “vibe.” We’re glad we did.
john Ramusjohn Ramus
17:29 18 Aug 22
Lynnette and Matt were so helpful in securing my mortgage . The process was not as hard I thought it would be ..They quickened the process..Any I had a questions I had were answered quickly.I would strongly recommend the company. Thank you Lynnette and Matt for making a little easier for me now .
Linda SchulterLinda Schulter
19:15 13 Oct 21
After reaching out to several reverse mortgage companies and received no response, we contacted Matt at Premier Reverse and are so glad we did. From the beginning through closing Matt was always there to answer any questions and kept the process moving along in a timely manner. He was never high pressure but provided all the relevant facts about reverse mortgages so we felt confident in our decision-making. We highly recommend him to anyone considering a reverse mortgage. He truly is a gentlemen of experience and integrity!
William SteckerWilliam Stecker
13:21 06 Oct 21
Matt, the owner of Premier Reverse Mortgage, has successfully guided me through three reverse mortgages; all of which presented different situations. His expert care brought all three transactions to timely and successful conclusions with little or no difficulty and no surprises. To others contemplating a reverse mortgage, you need go no further, you are in good hands with Matt.

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