Premier Reverse Mortgage, LLC was founded by Matt Neumeyer, a Certified Senior Advisor, on January 13, 2012. After spending many years in the reverse mortgage industry working for others, Matt decided it was time to form a company around his own ideals. Those ideals are part of the Premier Reverse Mortgage logo.

Experience – The reverse mortgage industry is a fairly young one, with growth being recent. You will want someone that focuses on reverse mortgages only and has been through most scenarios. Matt has closed hundreds of reverse mortgages since 2004.

Integrity – Premier Reverse Mortgage is a member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lender’s Association (NRMLA), and Matt follows their code of conduct. Companies offering reverse mortgages that are not members of NRMLA aren’t held to the same professional standards.

Personal Service – A positive of working with Premier Reverse Mortgage is the personal service that one will receive throughout the loan process. Matt will originate, process, and coordinate the closing of the reverse mortgage loan. He will be your only contact throughout the process. There will be no frustration about being handed off to a hard-to-reach assistant or processor.